The Other Side of the Atlantic: Diary of Last Year #3

8th of November 2016

We leave only our footprints in the sand.

Grey sky, warm air and high humidity. We’re going to cycle down the Uruguayan coast – Ruta 10, la Oceánica.

November is still low season, beachside villages are quiet, almost deserted. The few permanent inhabitants move around on horseback or on horse-drawn carts. Some are fixing holiday houses for the summer. Hand-painted signs are everywhere. Continue reading “The Other Side of the Atlantic: Diary of Last Year #3”

Guest blogging

Writing a travel blog while bicycle touring is a big piece of work. You would think that we don’t have time for anything else. But there are a few things for which we always manage to make time. One of them is reading other peoples’ travel blogs. Reading other peoples’ experiences while cycle touring is inspiring, motivating, interesting, funny, addictive. It can be useful to get information about the road ahead. Sometimes it makes you laugh when you read that others feel exactly like you about certain aspects of life on the road. But most importantly, reading what other people have to say makes you dream and plan other adventures. Continue reading “Guest blogging”