Travel with recumbent bicycles on trains

On our trips we collected quite some practice on traveling with two recumbent bicycles on trains. It was never a problem, even though in several situations we were happy to be two of us to help with narrow doors and couloirs.

From what we have seen, the places are made for bicycles up to two meters long. A short-base recumbent usually being shorter, there have been no problem on fitting them, except the Azub Six on the Swiss IC5 titling trains.

On this post we will be collecting the experience on different types of mainly long-distance trains.

For information, the Azub Six is 180cm long and the handlebar 65cm wide. The HPV is slightly shorter and the handlebars 60cm wide.

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Switzerland new IC trains FV-Dosto

On the new Swiss InterCity trains line there are two bikes spaces per wagon, which are quite narrow. We did not yet try with the two bicycles, but we are afraid the handlebar will be occupying quite some space on the hallway.

Swiss new IC train with recumbent

Switzerland old IC trains IC2000

The old InterCity trains have 9 places for bicycles on the rear wagon (family wagon upstairs). There is no problem there with recumbent bicycles. We still have to take a photo of it.

Once on the Bern-Zürich train, there were so many bicycles that the conductor took us to the front 1st class wagon, folded the seats and let us transport the bicycles there. It was still possible to use the couloir.

Switzerland standard InterRegio trains

The standard coach IV / Eurocity are just the usual push-pull one decker trains, with two vertical places for bicycles per wagon. Here also, no problem with the bicycles.

Swiss single-decker IR train with recumbent

Switzerland tilling trains

The only problematic train so far is is the one on the line IC5 – Geneva-Basel and Geneva-Biel-Olten-Zurich (previously called ICN). Here the Azub bicycle cannot be hang. Unfortunately we do not have a foto, but due the form of the ceiling, the longer luggage rack of the Azub is incompatible with the hooks.

Switzerland Rhetica Bahn old trains

In Graubünden/Grisons while most trains are now quite new, some years ago we still used a classical one, where we hang without problems both bicycles.

Switzerland send a recumbent by train

It is possible and easy to send bicycle by train in Switzerland. The bicycle will be delivered two days after. There is a difference between bicycles shorter than 2-meters and others. The shorter than 2-meters can be sent to the vast majority of destinations, while longer ones only to main stations. There is a permanent confusion about recumbent bicycles, but if one insists that it is less than 2 meters, it goes as a normal bicycle.

Deutschland ICE-4

The latest ICE4 trains, which we used from Berlin to Basel, provide a wagon with place for 8 bicycles (4 vertical, 4 horizontal). The train we took was initially full and our recumbent were easy to hang, the handlebars did not create any problem. We also tested the vertical places and again, no problem at all. Very well built.

ICE4 recumbent horizontal place
ICE4 vertical hang recumbent

Italia – various trains

The few trains we used in Italy with the bicycles, the only problem was the narrow door to enter the bicycle compartment. Once inside, there was no problem hanging them.

The problem is the narrow door (not larger than the one on the other side)

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