Last Days of Summer: Diary of Last Year #16 – End of series.

7th of February 2017

We’re back in Puerto Montt. During the last week we crossed the island of Chiloé, cycled on a motorway for the first time, and met a guy walking from Ushuaia to Alaska (as I’m writing this, he’s still walking).

Arriving in Puerto Montt in the early evening traffic, we looked first thing for a place to stay. Didn’t feel like leaving our bikes out unattended here… We asked for a room in a guesthouse that was fully booked, but whose owner directed us to her friend across the street. A very friendly couple renting out a few rooms including breakfast and some nice conversation. Warm water was only in the morning, because it was heated with a wood stove which was only lit during the night.

They also had a courtyard for our bikes, which we occupied for about half a day to pack our bikes in bubble wrap.

Yes, ready to fly again. We’re flying to Spain to see how Winter’s doing in Europe.

Winter cycling here we come!


This was the last post in the Diary of Last Year series!

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