Travel with recumbent bicycles on trains

On our trips we collected quite some practice on traveling with two recumbent bicycles on trains. It was never a problem, even though in several situations we were happy to be two of us to help with narrow doors and couloirs.

From what we have seen, the places are made for bicycles up to two meters long. A short-base recumbent usually being shorter, there have been no problem on fitting them, except the Azub Six on the Swiss IC5 titling trains.

On this post we will be collecting the experience on different types of mainly long-distance trains.

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De bicicleta da Régua a Chaves pela Linha do Corgo

De bicicleta entre a Régua, Vila Real e Chaves (e possível continuação a Verín em Espanha) é uma ciclovia ou ecovia projectada há muito, sempre pela antiga linha de comboio do Corgo. Para Sul, esta ecopista poderia também ser alongada até Lamego.

Na realidade, em Setembro de 2020, é um trilho de aventura que na maior parte se pode efectuar sem problemas a pé. De bicicleta com alforges, só parcialmente o é de forma confortável.

Neste artigo, originalmente escrito em Português, vamos tentar mostrar o estado das coisas tal como vimos e pedalámos nas nossas últimas férias de bicicleta.

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Cycling across the Alps to San Marino and Venice

Part 1: The change of plans

October 2019. Our plan is to ride from Bern to Berlin, via Munich and Prague. We have never been to Czech Republic and always wanted to ride in East Germany. Everything is organized: we will pick up the keys of the Munich apartment in Winterthur, we have let our Czech friend know we are going to visit her country…

The weather forecast in this beginning of Autumn is not nice: rain and cold. And this at least during the whole next week. Not like the “One Week, Four Countries” tour we did in October 2017.

We packed all our house into six panniers: wardrobe, bed (mattress and blanket), kitchen and repair workshop. The house goes in a separate bag above the panniers. Finally, we have confirmed that the campsite for the first night is still open.

We are on October 4th 2019, 9 o’clock in the morning when we take a last look at the weather forecast and it really doesn’t look nice. The weather is much better south of the Alps. And if we went there instead?

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A Night on the Boat: Diary of Last Year #15

31st of January 2017

We’ve just spent a night on the ferry taking us from Puerto Chacabuco to Quellón, on the island of Chiloé. After cycling South on the Carretera Austral for two weeks, we have to turn our sails back towards the North, because a plane is waiting for us to take us back to Europe in 10 days. It has been a great two weeks on the Carretera Austral, despite the rain and the bumpy roads. We’re a bit sad not to cycle all the way to the Southern tip of the American continent, but that’s life. We might well be back one day on the Carretera Austral. Continue reading “A Night on the Boat: Diary of Last Year #15”