Our trip

Riding a recumbent bicycle in Spain

Between June 2016 and June 1017, we stopped working for a while to discover the world from the seats of our recumbent bicycles. We started off by cycling from Switzerland to Portugal, where we were meeting Miguel’s family for a holiday. We then cycled around Portugal, took another holiday (with Eva’s parents this time) and spent some time in Lisbon. To escape the European winter, we then took a plane to the South of Brazil, from where we crossed South America all the way to the Pacific. After flying back to Spain in February, we did a bit of winter cycling from Madrid to Lisbon, before taking a couple of months off cycling, which we spent in Portugal and Switzerland with our families and friends. When the first signs of summer arrived, we brought our bikes out again and cycled back to Switzerland.

You can see our detailed route here.

Here’s everything we’ve written about our trip:

New! As from October 2017, we have a new post series coming up: Diary of Last Year – a weekly post about what we did exactly one year ago on the South American part of our trip.

During our preparations, we shared some thoughts and reflections before leaving for a long cycle trip.

So, how was it? is a series of blog posts summing up our experiences, thoughts and tips about every country we cycled through: Portugal, Andorra, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, and a specific post about crossing the Andes (the posts about France and Spain are yet to come…). There’s also a descriptive post about cycling the Camino del Norte to Santiago de Compostela, in Northern Spain. And another one about how we got in and out of Lisbon by bike.

Here are all posts related to the countries we cycled through:

For one week, Miguel wrote a Diary of Last Week, publishing a post each day with a photo and a short text about what we did on the same day the week before.

We took a picture every 1000 kilometres – sometimes we were more inventive, sometimes we just couldn’t come up with a funny idea.

We write in different languages: Most of our blog posts are written in English, but for our French readers we wrote a diary-style description of our trip in French:

We also wrote a few posts in Portuguese and German, and even one in Spanish.

Miguel also wrote a diary in Portuguese about our trip through Brazil and Uruguay: