Travel with recumbent bicycles on trains

On our trips we collected quite some practice on traveling with two recumbent bicycles on trains. It was never a problem, even though in several situations we were happy to be two of us to help with narrow doors and couloirs.

From what we have seen, the places are made for bicycles up to two meters long. A short-base recumbent usually being shorter, there have been no problem on fitting them, except the Azub Six on the Swiss IC5 titling trains.

On this post we will be collecting the experience on different types of mainly long-distance trains.

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Last working day

On the way to my last working day looking forward for the trip. It is always sad and strange to say “see you next year” to colleagues. I hope that our trip inspires people not to be afraid and also get a break from work to do what they mostly like to do, being that travel or something else.


Weather for Monday seems good for a starting. Some wind – bise – from North East which hopefully will be on our backs and a nice temperature. We wonder how the camping places will be after all the rain…

Our direction is roughly Le Puy-en-Velay, Toulouse, Bilbao, “el camino francés” and at some point turn to Portugal, direction Apúlia/Ofir in the North coast.


This weekend we started to move things into boxes, trying to keep everything as organized as possible. The usual “we have more things than I thought” appeared quite early and is amazing how heavy becomes a small box with books. The good thing is that we had already sorted everything we want to take on the trip so now we don’t have to think, just move from one place to inside one box.