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Writing a travel blog while bicycle touring is a big piece of work. You would think that we don’t have time for anything else. But there are a few things for which we always manage to make time. One of them is reading other peoples’ travel blogs. Reading other peoples’ experiences while cycle touring is inspiring, motivating, interesting, funny, addictive. It can be useful to get information about the road ahead. Sometimes it makes you laugh when you read that others feel exactly like you about certain aspects of life on the road. But most importantly, reading what other people have to say makes you dream and plan other adventures.

One of those websites and blogs is Amaya and Eric are long-time cycle travellers aiming to cycle every country on the planet! On their website they also started the A-Z of bicycle touring project, a collaborative project of the international bicycle touring community. It aims to highlight the top five reasons to go cycle touring in every country on the earth, and the posts are written by cyclists from all over the world.

When we saw on Facebook that they were looking for guest writers, it didn’t take us long to decide that we wanted to be part of this great project. Especially as two maybe less “typical” cycle touring countries were missing from their list: Uruguay and Portugal.

So, here they are! Enjoy the read, and have a look at the other countries listed, maybe something inspires you?

Top 5 reasons to go bicycle touring in Portugal

Top 5 reasons to go bicycle touring in Uruguay

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