Camping on the beach

Whenever we think about putting the tent on the beach and wild camping there, we think how romantic it should be. Well… it is not. Basically, it’s full of sand, everywhere – shoes, tent, sleeping bag, food. First you push the heavy bicycles with the tires sinking into the sand and you get completely sweaty. Next you try to cook taking attention not to get sand on food and utensils. It’s almost impossible to turn on the stove protected from the wind (that comes always from the side different from which you cover).

Before putting up the tent

When you eat and it starts to get dark it’s the mosquitos’ time. After the fifth bite, you grab the spray and put DEET all over yourself. Now that is almost dark and no one around (except that one that comes to walk the dog and that family looking at the stars) you mount the tent. Impossible to keep the pegs in the soft sand. After the double of the usual time you end up with the tent up, but not flat (but beaches are never flat). You try to remove some sand from under the tent and start to see night animals around you: spiders and other strange multi-legged insects. But you start to enjoy the nice breeze and silence. Until someone turns on the electric toothbrush… on the beach! Oops, it’s me with our toothbrush. Finally, you get into bed, with the least amount of sand particles possible. Dogs barking. Are they coming closer? Is there someone with them? You can’t sleep. Ah, how romantic. But well, we will do it again. The sense of freedom, space and uniqueness is truly amazing. There is no pleasure without pain.

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