The Other Side of the Atlantic: Diary of Last Year #3

8th of November 2016

We leave only our footprints in the sand.

Grey sky, warm air and high humidity. We’re going to cycle down the Uruguayan coast – Ruta 10, la Oceánica.

November is still low season, beachside villages are quiet, almost deserted. The few permanent inhabitants move around on horseback or on horse-drawn carts. Some are fixing holiday houses for the summer. Hand-painted signs are everywhere.

We have our morning tea break on the terrace of a closed café in Barra de Valizas, picnic lunch on the terrace of a deserted holiday beach house in Oceanía del Polonio, that we reach on a small sandy path. It’s wild and quiet out here.

The sandy beaches, seemingly infinitely long, are completely empty.

It’s too cold to swim today.

Along the road, cows are grazing under palm trees. Children leave their colorful countryside schools. Clothes are being hung out to dry next to small houses with VW Beetles parked in front.

Uruguay – so relaxing.

Will it stay that way?

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