“No Pasa Nada”: Diary of Last Year #5

22nd of November 2016

Nothing happens in Uruguay.

We wake up in a town park in the middle of Uruguay. Free camping has never been so easy.

Usual morning routine, we hit the road. The landscape never changes. Fields forever, a few horses, quite a few trucks.

Cycle touring in Uruguay, on a recumbent.

A woman gets out of her car and films us with her smartphone, before driving off again.

What were encounters like before we had smartphones?

We arrive in the town of Mercedes. Afternoon, siesta time, the centre is asleep. Cars are driving very slowly along the very large Rambla, the main road and promenade along the river.

The campsite is closed for maintenance in the sanitary buildings, but we can camp there anyway. For free. The friendly people at the tourist office organize a shower for us. For free, too.

Back at the campsite, we ask whether it is safe to leave our tent, bikes and bags there while we go for dinner. Yes, it is safe. “No pasa nada”, the lady says – nothing happens here.

People stop their cars by the roadside, sit outside, sip maté and chat. Nightlife in Uruguay.

After a chivito and a beer we’re back at our tent. A small chat with the security staff, and we’re off to bed in the quiet Uruguayan night.

The next morning, we’ll discover our tent neighbours. Two Chileans and one German travelling by bicycle and playing music in the towns. Their bicycles are bought second-hand in Buenos Aires and customized to their needs.

Bicycles for cycle touring in Uruguay

There’s no right or wrong way to travel by bicycle.



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