Diary of last week IV

Today is Sunday. The day starts with a swim at the sea, before 8 o’clock. The Canadian family leaves before us and go in the opposite direction. The road the monotonous. We follow a good cycle path next to the highway for 40 kilometres. Unscenic to say the least. The end of it has two 17% climbs where we have to push the bicycles. At Pobla Tornesa we ask for a shade. “No shade in town” and they sent us to the other side of the highway, next to a sanctuary there is a very nice picnic stop. There are some benches 10 meters from the cars and trucks passing by. We do picnic anyway with the noise before leaving for smaller roads. Not much to see apart from fields. The next village is els Ibarsos, where we stop at the café. There is fiesta, with some contest of cows and bulls starting later. We would like to see it but there is no place to sleep in the village. Few kilometres later we find a place between some pine trees to put the tent. The pine needles make and excellent mattress. We cook some pasta before going to sleep. Life is boring.

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