Diary of last week III

Today is Saturday. Despite being close to the highway, the night was ok. For breakfast for a change we eat a pre-made tortilla de patata. It is fulfilling. We need to buy contact lenses liquid. In Valencia cars drive fast and do not respect much the red lights. Fortunately, there are good bicycle lanes. I’m not in the mood of looking for shops which Eva does not agree. We argue but eventually we find the liquid and stop for a coffee to calm things down. The cross of Valencia continues. It seems a nice town to study, with good young vibe going on. The cycling path is now a large lane. There are a lot of other cyclists. For lunch, we stop at a stony beach and go for a swim. The Mediterranean is warm but still refreshes the body. We continue our way as close as possible of the beach but there are always some buildings in the middle. In Nulles we arrive to a small camping just by the sea. There is a Canadian couple with three daughters cycling one year around Europe. After a small chat with them we go for another swim. We get two San Miguel from a machine to go with the salmon in a curry sauce we bought just before. Life is a world of possibilities.

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