Diary of last week V

Today is Monday. The road has more traffic than expected. Trucks from the same company cross in both directions every couple of minutes. We keep to the shoulder. The second breakfast is taken next to a small sanctuary.  Soon later we turn right and start climbing. We should turn left after four kilometres to a small road up to a pass. Four and half kilometres later we check the GPS and we passed the turn. Return. The small road is not a road put a path with very loose gravel and rocks. Impossible for us to climb 600 meters on that. The solution is to return to the road with the trucks. We are back to the shoulder of the road, one behind the other. After some time, the road starts to wave as it gets steeper, trucks keep passing while we see Ares del Maestrat with houses build on the stone at the top. We leave the trucks road and start sliding down. There are fences both sides of the road and it is not easy to find a place to wild camp. The sweat drips from our skin, our legs are sore of more than 1’000 meters climb today. Morella village presents in front of us at the top of the next hill. We know there are few hotels there. After more than seven hours cycling, the noise we hear is the sewing machine the lady is using in the breakfast room. No problem keeping the bicycles. Still a race to get to the supermarket before it closes and we end up with some tapas and ox tail for dinner. Life is hard.

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