One Week, Four Countries: An Autumn Cycle Tour

This October we spent a few days in Austria on a long-planned family holiday. As this included crossing all of Switzerland, we thought we might as well continue the vacation a bit longer and do a short cycle tour from there. We had a week to spend, and we ended up cycling in four countries (Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland) and over four mountain passes (no, actually, five). We went from glorious autumn weather to the beginning of winter. The trip was short (too short!), but it gave us back a bit of the cycle touring feeling we had been missing since coming back home last June.

It was a tough week, but a very happy one.

Read on if you want to know more about it!

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Touring on a recumbent bicycle: Everything you need to know

Why would you ride such a weird bike instead of a normal one?

And what would you need to know before buying a touring recumbent for your next trip? If you’ve already had the chance of talking to a recumbent rider, you may have noticed that most of them say that they love their recumbent and wouldn’t ride anything else.

So, what is it about recumbents that make people so passionate about them?

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So, how was it? – Two recumbents in Portugal

We took this picture almost exactly a year ago. We had just come up a seemingly never-ending uphill in baking heat, and were making our first pedal strokes in Portugal. Little did we know at that time that we would cycle well over 2000 kilometres in this country, spread over the whole year. Summer, winter, spring.

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Tips & tricks: How we got in and out of Lisbon by bicycle

Most cycle travellers come across the question at some point: How do I cycle into and/or out of the capital city? How do I plan my route without ending up on the city highway? Where are the back roads?

Many roads lead into Lisbon, there are cycle paths and big roads and highways and back roads, and your choice will depend on where in the city you’re heading. We don’t pretend having all the answers or knowing all the options. But we cycled into Lisbon three times, and out of it twice. Here we share our routes and what it was like. Continue reading “Tips & tricks: How we got in and out of Lisbon by bicycle”