Are we electricity dependent?

Our electrical items using electricity. Missing form the picture our electric toothbrush and Eva’s phone.

In South America the camp sites have electricity included in the price and plugs are available everywhere. So we use it. While in Europe we would use our solar panel to charge the phone or leave the phone for a while in the toilets’ only plug, here we are all the time connected to the grid and use also electricity to boil water for the tea. Different places, different ways to survive. We can live 3 days on the battery of the phones – we use most with OsmAnd for the maps – and live with fuel for cooking. Not yet electricity dependent but getting close. And we carry an electrical toothbrush!

Statistics – km, duration, speed…

I like to keep statistics: kilometers per day, time we pedal, average speed, money spent (divided into travel, eat, sleep and other categories).

So far, with the kilometer four thousand almost arriving and 55 days of cycling, these are the numbers:

  • Each journey averages on 64 km (maximum 97 km, minimum 28 km)
  • We cycle between 2h and 6h40 per day, not counting the stops (avg: 4h 40m)
  • The global average speed is 14km/h, the fastest day we pace at 17.8km/h and the slowest to climb Serra da Estrela was 8.2km/h.

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“Combien de kilos?”

Voici un post que certains ont dû attendre impatiemment! Combien de fois on nous a demandé, avant notre départ: “Combien de kilos de bagages?” Et combien la personne était décue d’entendre que nous n’avions pas encore pesé nos bagages, que nous n’avions même pas encore fait nos bagages, et que nous n’avions aucune idée ce que tout ça allait peser (lourd, certainement). Donc voilà, ce post est pour vous. Continue reading ““Combien de kilos?””