Statistics – km, duration, speed…

I like to keep statistics: kilometers per day, time we pedal, average speed, money spent (divided into travel, eat, sleep and other categories).

So far, with the kilometer four thousand almost arriving and 55 days of cycling, these are the numbers:

  • Each journey averages on 64 km (maximum 97 km, minimum 28 km)
  • We cycle between 2h and 6h40 per day, not counting the stops (avg: 4h 40m)
  • The global average speed is 14km/h, the fastest day we pace at 17.8km/h and the slowest to climb Serra da Estrela was 8.2km/h.

Concerning the expenses, it’s more difficult to keep a detailed track of the money paid here and there. I gave up on counting when we were on “holidays” in Apúlia and Lisbon. For the rest, when mostly cycling, the biggest slice is food when we stay in a camping but it is sleep the times we go for a hotel room. The range of prices for sleeping is quite big, camping prices varied between 5.8€ and 21€, hotel between 30€ and 112€ . Food wise in France we cooked more often, doing cheaper days but in Portugal the restaurants are cheaper. In Spain we spent more money as both food and hotels aren’t as cheap as in Portugal.

So at the end I believe we are on a 60€/day average for the two of us. One nice graph is comparing the kilometers cycled and money used. They just grow parallel since we arrived to Portugal (also in France they were parallel):


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