Change of climate – Back to the Northern Hemisphere

Air travel sometimes seems unreal. One morning we’re stepping out of our guesthouse in Puerto Montt. Twenty-four hours later we’re pushing our bicycles out of an European airport and cycling into the winter air.

Unpacking and mounting our bicycles at the airport.

It has taken us about 3 months to cross a continent by bicycle, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We’ve experienced the gradual changes in climate and landscapes, from green hills to desert, from snowy mountains to primeval forest. After this, air travel seems even more crazy than it already is.

So you got it – we’re back in Europe. Second time travelling by air with our recumbents. They arrived safe and sound, although with a few more scratches – we saw the luggage handler in Puerto Montt dropping my bike on the floor… outch!

Not sure whether we’re completely ready for this, but we’re off for some winter cycling now!

Cycling out of the airport.

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