The secret of our selfies

The carretera Austral, Chile, in a moment without rain

99.9% of our pictures are taken by ourselves, including those where both of us appear on. Many people we don’t know took pictures of us from their cars or after stopping them 200m in front of us. Several times we gave our e-mail address and explicitly asked to have the pictures sent to us. Only two did send it. Last week in the Carretera Austral, incredibly, we crossed a Brazilian couple traveling by car that had taken pictures of us in… Uruguay. We reminded them that we still did not receive the pictures that they promised last November.

selfie taken with extended arm

The solution is then to take ourselves our own selfies. But pictures with the extended arm are not exactly the nicest: not much background, we don’t really see the bicycles. So the second step is to have the picture taken from further away. Here two essential elements play an important role:

  • our mini tripod, so we can easily make the picture straight and use almost any kind of support to hold it. We are really happy with our Cullmann Magnesit Copter Mini Tripod.
  • a camera that allows to set a timer above 20 seconds and multiple shots. Unfortunately, our Sony RX100-III, having a great sensor, does not allow to change the timer other than 2 or 10 seconds. We use the Canon PowerShot SX720HS, which allows to s et the timer to any time up to 30 seconds and can do 10 shots with one second interval.

We only need to have a road with almost no traffic, have one person setting the camera, light and focus, prepare the bicycles to the start and then, run!

chosen selfie from the set of 10 below. Carretera Austral, Chile

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