The (almost) perfect bicycle rides in Portugal – part 2

So far we travelled 1’000km in Portugal. The first cycling experience in the country on this trip, between Gerês and Apúlia (coast) was not the most pleasant: some roads with many cars and dangerous overpasses. However, that was so far the worst case. We did 11 stages after our holidays in Apúlia and we are very pleased with cycling in Portugal.

In this post and the previous you will find two of the most perfect rides we have done in Portugal.

Coimbra – Tábua (Midões)

ER110, next to the river Mondego

From Praça da Portagem in downtown Coimbra, follow always the river Mondego. You will pass on the right of Polo II of University of Coimbra, where I studied. Shortly after, you take the ER110 direction of Penacova.





Which villages are on the menu today?

This road has almost no traffic and enjoys beautiful views of the river. After leaving Penacova at the top of the hill, you cross the river and take the quiet EN2 (road that crosses Portugal, North to South, in the center of country) next to IP3 and then small roads next to IC6 highways.




Relaxing at the bar in Quinta da Cerca camping.

Short after São Pedro de Alva village, you continue towards the mountains and wind through small roads in the middle of nothing until you reach Tábua. Crossing this town eastwards, you follow the road uphill to Midões. After about 7km you can find the camping Quinta da Cerca.






Here is the map, and you can download the GPS file from:

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