The (almost) perfect bicycle rides in Portugal – part 1

So far we travelled 1’000km in Portugal. The first cycling experience in the country on this trip, between Gerês and Apúlia (coast) was not the most pleasant: some roads with many cars and dangerous overpasses. However, that was so far the worst case. We did 11 stages after our holidays in Apúlia and we are very pleased with cycling in Portugal.

In this post and the next, you will find two of the most perfect rides we have done in Portugal.

Porto – S. Jacinto

View from cais de Gaia, after coming down from D. Luis I bridge

Following the coast to the South you do this leg almost always on bicycle paths. After enjoying the views from the upper floor of D. Luis I bridge (with the metro), you turn left to go down to the cais de Gaia where are most of Porto’s wine cellars. From here on it is basically all straight.



Cycling along the beaches south of Porto

First cross Afurada, where the Douro river meets the sea. This is a small fishing neighborhood with a good fish market. Then starts a long series of white sand beaches: Francelos, Miramar, Aguda, Granja.


At this point you need to cross the train line and go through the cobblestoned center of Espinho. Espinho beach is known for the surf competitions. The train line will be the companion for the next kilometers, until Esmoriz where you can see a panel with a cycle map.



Cycle path along a forest road, already in ria de Aveiro area

Short after this panel (and train station) you turn left to join the coastal road with a side bicycle path and access to some beaches. At Furadouro the road goes again inside but soon you turn South to EN327 and follow now a small water line already part of Ria de Aveiro. The cycle path continues, well-marked and beautiful until…

… the cycle path just vanishes, giving place to a hole and bushes.

Well, just continue now on the low traffic dead-end road until S. Jacinto where you can swim at the beautiful beach, sleep in one of the two campings and take the small ferry to continue South, direction of Barra and Figueira da Foz.

Here is the map, and you can download the GPS file from:

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  1. Excellent 🙂 Don’t forget to add the picture to flickr’s ‘Worlds worst bicycle lanes’

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