Bicycle gates

For some reason the default thinking is that everyone is bad. Then they want to protect cyclists from cars or pedestrians from cyclists… However often (unfortunately not always) they forget that not all bicycles are the same, they forget about tandems, trailers, recumbents, etc. This problem is not a french problem. It exists in many countries.

We had already had to put our foot down dozens of times to be able to cross a gate in the middle of a voie verte or at the entrance or exit. Sometimes we have to get out of the bicycle, sometimes pass on the grass or somewhere else.

Also another strange concept is that voie verte (= asphalt road only for bicycles) does not has priority over a almost unclear track for tractors. And another gate.

The most amazing gate we saw was this one:

Fortunately it was not on our way, as we would certainly have had to remove our bags to cross it.

I would like to propose that at the entrance/exit of the highways, there would be similar gates for cars, to avoid tractors to get in, or elephants.

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