We Won’t Cry for You, Argentina*: Diary of Last Year #12

*at least not for your drivers

Route towards Bariloche

10th of January 2017

Today is our last day in Argentina. We leave our sportsground-turned-into-overpriced-campsite in the village of Dina Huapi and pedal towards Bariloche. This is one of Argentina’s tourist hotspots and we’re in high season.

We don’t get much out of the town of Bariloche. Shopping streets full of tourists, souvenir shops, outdoor stores, crammed supermarkets, overpriced hotels. We spend a few hours here, that we put to good use: buying ferry tickets for the Cruce Andino to Chile, getting food for the next couple of days, eating lunch in a restaurant, and exchanging our last Argentinian pesos into Chilean pesos in some shady bike store. In between places, we push our heavy bicycles between tourist groups and construction sites.

Christmas tree in the centre of Bariloche

In the afternoon, we get back on our bikes and pedal out of town, towards Llao Llao where we’ll catch our ferry tomorrow morning. On our last day cycling in Argentina, we get a last dose of heavy traffic, fast cars and close overtakings on a road with virtually no shoulder.

Enough is enough.

Goodbye Argentina. It was nice meeting your incredibly welcoming people, but please stop letting them drive cars.

Last sunset in Argentina: Campsite near Llao Llao by the lake.



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