Another Day on the Road in Argentina: Diary of Last Year #7

Camping in municipal park of Daireaux, Argentina

6th of december 2016

We leave the dorm in the sports complex in Bolívar, where we slept for free because of a singer named Francisco.  But this happened yesterday. You’ll have to wait for another occasion to hear that story.

Today, we’re taking another busy road.

Argentinian roads are lined with red shrines dedicated to Gauchito Gil.  They come in all shapes and sizes. This one even had benches.

Cycle touring in Argentina. Roadside shrine dedicated to Gauchito Gil.

Drivers leave all kinds of gifts there to get protection on the road: bottles of water or wine (some full, some empty), toys, flowers, shoes,… Apparently, most drivers also leave their brain there.

As friendly and welcoming as Argentinians are, offering us water, food, and free places to camp, as brainless they become when sitting behind a steering wheel. Slowing down and giving lateral space to a slower vehicle (i.e. a bicycle) seems an unheard-of concept in Argentina. When two cars or trucks cross, we have to steer off the road and onto its rocky, sandy or grassy side all the time, to literally save our lives.

Today’s road is just like that. After lunchtime it gets a bit better – thanks to siesta time.

In the small town of Daireaux (pronounce the French way), we’re back again to the good side of Argentinians: We get a free spot to camp in the city park and a hot shower at the sports hall – all very naturally. In exchange, we get interviewed for the local radio. A weird experience. We never got to know whether our Spanish babbling and grumbling about bad drivers was actually broadcasted…

We are soon left in peace in our park. Cook, eat, sleep. Tomorrow the cycle starts over.



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