Diary of Last Year #1: We’re going to South America – but wait, not right away

25th of October 2016

This is the big day. Today, we’re flying to South America – Brazil, to be precise. Our bicycles: packed in bubble wrap and lots of tape. Our panniers: packed in big plastic bags from the Chinese shop downstairs. Us: nervous.

But wait, what happened? This is not Brazil. How did we end up in front of a mosque?

The answer is: We got an incredibly inexpensive flight from Royal Air Maroc from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro. The deal: We have a one-night stopover in Casablanca. The deal is not bad, given that it includes transfers, the night in a hotel in the city centre, and all meals.

THAT’S how we ended up here. Stuck in Casablanca’s rush hour traffic in a bus in the company of many Brazilians, and later walking around Casablanca’s medina and the Hassan II mosque, before falling into our hotel beds.

Let’s hope our bicycles are sleeping well at the airport and that they’ll make it to Brazil tomorrow…

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