Restart to pedal

Wildfire seen from Apúlia, before covering completely the sky.

After 10 days of rest in Apúlia we restarted to pedal direction South. Now we have time to pedal, without hurry to arrive to any place. We’ve decided to visit Porto with Catarina and Marquesa and meet our Geneva friends Miguel and Vânia. The weather remains very hot and the sky smelling of wildfire. This morning, as for two days in Apúlia, the sky of Porto was grey and ashes were flying. Hopefully the situation will improve soon.

Provisional path in Portugal

Our provisional plan is to cycle up the Mondego river from Figueira da Foz until its source in Serra da Estrela and then cycle down river Zêzere direction of Entrocamento. On our way we will meet my University colleagues.

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