Spanish roads – follow up

From my previous post we told you how “up and down” the Spanish roads are. The main positive point is that there is a more of less flat highway just next to it and so we are alone on these big roads, with nice views over the ocean on the top and shaded hills on the lower parts.

Yesterdays leg was another example of the roads. We must say that national road we took, N-632, is not very steep, which makes quite easy, but tiring, to follow. Few years ago they build an highway full of viaducts and some tunnels. The map shows clearly our zig-zag 67km leg, compared to the 54km that cars are required to do.

The N-632 road in North Spain compared to the A-8 highway.
The N-632 road in North Spain compared to the A-8 highway.

The up and down, never too high, never too low (well, sea level). Up and down

And once we are down, we see the highway viaduct up there. Fifteen minutes later we are just about the same level.IMG_0637 IMG_0638

This is just a set of facts, because fortunately the highway is there, otherwise I would not imagine that we could share the road with cars and trucks.

Today we decided to rest in a camping next to the see, to some small bike repairs, swim, cook bread, do the laundry and update the blog.

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