Equipment list – Pharmacy

After 10’000km: good set of pharmacy. The basic pills were used in different situations, we didn’t miss anything.

PharmacyCommentsAfter 10'000 km
Ear plugsMiguel has used them several times for sleeping when camping close to roads or when disturbed by other noises.
TweezersNot used
Blister plasters"Compeed"Not used - our cycling shoes don't give us blisters, and we haven't been hiking a lot.
A few pairs of Latex glovesUseful for bike repairs without getting hands dirty!Used every time we had to do maintenance on the bicycles, especially when touching the chain or other greasy parts. Invaluable especially if handwashing opportunities are limited!
A few bandaids in different sizesNever had to use them.
Disinfectant wipesNot used
Elastic bandageNot used
Steri-stripsNot used
Special tweezers to remove ticksNot used - we haven't crossed any serious tick areas
Healing creamUsed occasionally on small cuts and bruises
Fenistil gelFor insect bitesUsed a lot on our uncountable mosquito bites.
Antibiotic creamNot used
A few paracetamol tabletsUsed occasionally
Ibuprofen tabletsUsed occasionally
Cetirizin (anti-histaminic)Used (especially by Miguel) in the hay fever season
Flu medicationUsed when we both got a cold that Miguel brought back from Portugal in december...
Antibiotic ear dropsNot used

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