Equipment list – Cooking

CookingCommentAfter 4'000 kmAfter 10'000 km
StoveOptimus Polaris OptifuelUsed with gas cartridges most of the time, but gas was sometimes difficult to light. Changed to liquid fuel (white gas) and very happy with it.Problem with the fuel filter on the pump after a few uses. Optimus said it was a known problem and sent replacements via DHL to Buenos Aires. No problem since then and very happy with it. Keep using always with white gas (or similar white spirit), as we don't like the smell of car fuel.
Gas cartridgePrimus four season gasStopped using, as fuel is more practical.
Fuel bottle0.6 L MSR bottleHappyNo problems
2 Swiss knivesWe only use oneThe second (a cheap chinese version) got taken in Buenos Aires airport, but we only use one anyway. Useful for picknicking and nail-cutting.
Kitchen casserolesOptimus Terra HE Cook Set: 1.75L pot with heat exchange bottom, 1.7L non-stick pot, frying pan aka lid, plus a neoprene bag to keep the pasta hot!Happy. The stove fits nicely inside.Happy, although they're not made for cooking on fire, which we would like to try some time.
Wooden spoonWe opted for a simple wooden cooking spoon, because it's solid, does not scratch the pots, and will be easy to replace on the way.Very usefulStill going with the same, used for cooking all the time.
2 foldable silicone platesSea to Summit X-BowlsThe advantage is that they're light, flat, and also function as a cutting board. One plate broke after just a few weeks. StS offered us a new one, we'll see how it goes.No more problems with the StS X-Bowls, but more and more we use the steel plate, which is easier to wash (but can get hot). We wouldn't buy the X-bowls again, but would rather go with something simpler (stainless steel).
1 stainless steel plateBought second-handUsed when one of the foldable plates was broken, now we still keep using it.Useful to have good hard plate. Sometimes it's useful to have an extra plate, depending on what we're cooking.
2 cupsOne big which can be used on the stove, one smaller with a lid for hot drinksUsed the big one a few times to heat soups and to measure flour and water for baking; using the smaller one every day for tea.Happy with the combination.
2 sets of cutlery1 "German Army" cutlery set for Eva, very heavy but it's real cutlery. 1 extra-light set for Miguel (Baladeo).Happy with this combination. The knife of the Baladeo set is good for cutting bread but not for spreading butter.Happy with the combination. Left an extra part (can opener) from the German set in Portugal to save some weight.
SpongeSimple sponge from the supermarketWe keep it humid with a bit of dishwashing liquid in the outer pouch of one of the panniers. This way we can clean the plates after picknicking, even without extra water.
Washing liquidIn a small plastic bottle, we fill it up when we are at people's homes.Very useful, we keep it with the sponge.Small bottle forgotten in Argentina camp site. Used normal supermarket bottle, but less practical as too big. We got a new small bottle in Europe.
4 pieces of clothPieces of an old cotton sheetUseful for drying dishes and many other usages (cleaning tent and bikes), easy to wash.Still very useful
MatchesProtected from humidity inside a plastic bagUseful if not humid (which they get easily).
2 lightersEssential when matches are humid.
Kitchen knife (ceramic)We want to try to cook more than just pasta and tuna, so a good kitchen knife is essential.Very happy to have it.Still very happy, even when cooking in people's homes or in hostels - essential if you like a sharp knife to cut vegetables.
2 bottles (1.5 and 0.5 L) and 1 thermos (0.7 L)SiggHappy to have them. Thermos could be a bit bigger and have a bigger opening (we can't use a tea egg with ours).Could not yet find a better thermos, so we continue with this setup.
Water filterSawyer squeeze miniNot used but happy as it's very small and light.Used only once. The squeezing takes a bit of time (and energy) but it's ok for occasional usage. You can also use it as a straw to drink directly from a bottle, which is very convenient.
Water bag (4L) and drinking tubeOrtliebQuite useful. Attached to the back of Eva's seat for extra water. Downside: the water has a plastic taste.In the heat of the pampa it was great to have it. Used a lot and happy. No more plastic taste. It's a great alternative to bottles as it folds down small when not used.
Kitchen sinkSea to Summit 10 L. We chose this because it's lighter and more packable than the famous Ortlieb one.Has been really useful a few times, for washing when wild camping and for keeping drinks cool. Easy to carry by one person when filled with water.Useful when the water is far and we don't want to keep running for it. Packs down small and is light, dries quickly.
5 zip-loc bagsVery useful especially to store dry food.Very useful. We use them for carrying flour and our morning muesli mix.
5 clips to close bagsBecause we can't eat 1 kg of pasta in one go...Very usefulVery useful
2 3 plastic containersCheap supermarket onesThe 2 square plastic containers are very useful to keep cheese, make bread dough and make our breakfast müesli.Very useful, got an extra one (flatter) to keep the butter.
Bag to store kitchen itemsOne cloth bag for frequently used things (plates, cutlery, dishwashing liquid), so we can just pull it out when we picnic.Useful, because it keeps everything in one place, and it's washable.
Mini-cake tinKaiserFor baking bread and small cakes when camping.Still used occasionally, can put things inside.
Peeler and small graterUsed almost every day to make our breakfast birchermüesli which includes peeling and grating apples.Still used almost every day. The peeler is used also when staying at people's homes. Forgot one in Buenos Aires and had to buy another.
Wooden crusherThe kind sold for making caipirinhaUseful for squeezing lemons (to give some taste to our drinking water and make homemade isotonic drinks).Less and less used... We could probably get rid of it.
Immersion heaterRelagsVery useful. Acquired at the end of our stay in Portugal. Used everyday to make tea.Very useful, we can make tea while brushing the teeth in the camp site, or in any other place where there's a plug.
A few essential cooking ingredientsOlive oil, vinegar, a few spices, sugar, salt, pepperWe're leaving behind about half of the spices is Portugal, as it's too bulky.Used to put olive oil in an old ketchup plastic bottle with squeeze opening, but was less than 500ml. Starting to use standard 500ml bottles. Sugar in a zip-loc bag or small bags (if found) and spices in thin original bags if resealable.

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