So, how was it? Two recumbents in Andorra.

With only about 40 kilometres cycled, Andorra was the smallest country that we crossed on our trip. But it was also the one where we crossed the highest altitude (this often surprises people, as they think that the Andes must have been much higher, but in fact the mountain passes in the southern Andes are not very high), and a country where we hadn’t been before. And even tiny countries deserve their own blog post, so here we go! Continue reading “So, how was it? Two recumbents in Andorra.”

12’000 km over the border

Sometimes is when we don’t expect that we are mostly away from internet. We did the 12’000 km last 31.May, just on the border between Andorra and France. It was the same day we did the highest pass of our trip, 2’408 m, in Andorra.

We are now cycling through France, following the “gorges du Tarn”. See you soon!