First material order after restart

Rohloff gear box on our bicycle
Rohloff gear box on our bicycle

After 2’200km we did a first review of our material and some small pieces (Miguel’ sandals was the biggest item) were given to my parents. At the same time we decided to order some things:

  • Rohloff 18-teeth sprocket for Miguel’s bicycle: To try making very steep (>10%) hills less painful (or just possible) to cycle.
  • Rohloff sprocket tool as we are afraid mechanics in Portugal (and elsewhere) will not have this specific tool.
  • Rohloff oil set: our gear box requires oil change every 5’000km or one-year. Eva had already her set and did change the oil. Now is the turn of Miguel’s bicycle.
  • Icebreaker new t-shirts for her and for him. We both have an old one almost transparent and we love the brand.
  • Sigma bike computer holder to make a new spare. Our original broke, and the ‘spare’ is now in use.
  • Tent lamp Blackdiamond Moji because the shorter days arrive we prefer to have a lamp for tent/table instead of using all the time our headlamps.

We ordered on a German website and make them delivered to Miguel parents in Lisbon where we expect to arrive at some point in August.

Material indecisions

power-gripsShould be time to leave. The more we wait, the more thoughts about material come to mind, more question on what is the best to take, which to take, what will be more useful, more multidisciplinary .

It’s also a problem we have in our societies where we have access to everything. There is an interesting TED talk about the “paradox of choice” relating exactly what we’re experiencing.

Today I saw some videos on recumbent trikes adventure trips. Some people were using Power Grips pedal straps. Our choice for the trip so far was SPD clipless pedals with cleats shoes. Continue reading “Material indecisions”