Who are we?

Randonnée à Ski à l'Aguille de Mex (1866m) dans le Valais avec Viktorie.

Eva Pfarrwaller, I’m Swiss-german from Winterthur, the cycling capital of Switzerland, but I have been living in Geneva for almost half my life now. I studied medicine and after I finished specializing in paediatrics we decided to travel around the world. After the trip I worked as researcher and teacher in medical education and did a Master in Public Health. For the last two years I have been working as a school doctor, focusing on young people’s health.

Miguel Anjo, I’m portuguese born in 1979. In 2002 I went to live one year in Oulu, Finland to finish my studies. There I found the pleasure of cycling. The year after I moved to Geneva, Switzerland. After working at CERN for five years, in 2009 with Eva we decided to travel around the world. After the trip I worked as consultant for Trivadis, a high-end consulting company. As Oracle database administrator and project manager I did projects for Swiss companies like Nespresso, Temenos, SUVA, CHUV. More information on my personal page: www.anjo.pt

Together we do quite some hiking, mountaineering and ski touring as well as cycling. Our longest trip by bicycle was 1’800km from Basel to the Netherlands in three weeks. Now we get a new challenge.

For this cycling trip we our first aim is to go to Portugal. Then… next stop: where?