Equipment list – Packing, repairs and spare parts

Packing, repairs and spare partsCommentsAfter 4'000 kmAfter 10'000 km
4 pairs of panniersAll Ortlieb: 2 pairs backroller, 1 pair frontroller, 1 pair bikepacker plusHappy, nothing brokenOne front roller got a hole after a fall. Repaired with a tube patch. The "bikepacker plus" has proved to be more practical than the backroller: After heavy rain, water gets inside the bag when opening the roll-top, and the shape of the back- and frontrollers is less convenient (tapers towards the bottom - seems not to be the case anymore with more recent frontroller models).
2 "Chinese bags" to transport all other bagsWhen taking trains or other transportUsed to put all the panniers for the airplane. Worked as expected.For the return trip from South America, worked perfectly, although they started to rip (needed to use a lot of tape).
BackpackDeuter Futura 32l. Used to transport tent and to hike, strapped to the rack of one of the bikes when cycling.Works well, used once for hikingStolen in January 2017. Useful for quick access and sometimes for hikes. Replaced with the same model in Europe.
Small daypackDeuter Compact Lite 8l. Strapped to one of the racks. For days off cycling, visiting, and as some backup storage.Very useful, we use it to go shopping and keep some of the day's food, and when we go around town.Still very useful. One of the shoulder straps is starting to fall apart.
Repair patches for thermarest, inflatable pillow and gore-texNot usedUsed one patch on an Ortlieb bag but it was not waterproof.
Lock cable+padlockA long cable makes it easier to lock our two recumbents together.Works well.Useful and good combination.
2 Compression straps (200 cm) with metal bucklesOrtliebVery useful, better than elastic strapsVery useful and highly recommendable.
Small scratch straps (those for keeping skis together)They can attach all kinds of things together.Not usedOnly used for packing the bikes for flying. Leaving behind now.
Bicycle computer + spare cableSo that we can tell you how many kilometers we did and how fast we went!Works well, except that the cable broke quite fast. We now carry a spare cable.Working without problems.
Seat rain protection for Eva's StreetmachineEssential when the bike stays out in the rain, as the seat gets soggy otherwise.Really waterproof and sturdy. We also used it to pack the replacement tent in Chile.
Tube patchesNot usedOnly used after 10'000 km, with the problem on Eva's tire in Portugal, and on the Ortlieb bag.
Spare tubes (1x 26" + 1x 20")Not usedUsed one on Eva's bicycle after 10'000 km.
6 2 pairs of brake pads3 pairs of BBB, 3 2 pairs of KoolstopReplaced one pair on Eva's bike in Portugal, left two pairs in Portugal as we're probably carrying too many.Replaced the originals with the Koolstop on Miguel bicycle after 8'000km.
Bicycle repair tool bagLifu roll-up tool bagVery useful, rolls the tools up and keeps everything handy.Still very useful
Tire leversNot usedUsed once and broke one. Bought new in Decathlon.
Small pumpReplaced after 10'000km with Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HVGNot used. We usually check tyre pressure at a bike store, but haven't lost much pressure since the beginning.As tires were loosing air a bit faster, with our pump we did not manage to put much pressure. Replacing now with a new one.
Presta and Schrader valve adaptersSo that we can pump Eva's bike at gas stations, and use a Presta valve tube on Miguel's bike in an emergency.Not usedDoes not work, except for emergency. We cannot set the pressure when using the adapter.
Spare spokes (4 per wheel) plus nipplesAll our 4 wheels have different spoke sizes! By mistake we ordered only 3 sizes and we will live with it.Not usedNot used
Spoke wrenchNot usedUsed once to tune the wheel
Duct tapeInvaluable for all kinds of repairs. It helped me repair a ripped off mudguard on a trip in 2013.Useful even for small repairs, to protect cables etc.Essential piece of gear, when Eva's tire had small spikes sticking in.
Multi-toolUseful although sometimes a good quality screwdriver would be usefulUseful
Spare brake cableNot usedNot used
Chain oilUsing now a "dry" oilUsed about once per monthUsed more and more. We bought a new bottle in Uruguay but was for wet conditions.
Bicycle greaseUsed on some screwsUsed on some screws. We could probably carry less in a smaller pot.
Cable binderswe carry 2 sizesVery useful for almost anythingVery useful also to pack the bikes for airplane
Some spare screwsUsed one spare screw on Miguel's bikenot used
Chain tool and a small piece of spare chainNot usedUsed the chain tool to remove a link to shorten Eva's chain. Useful to have.
PliersUseful as they can also be used to tighten screws and nutsUseful
Adjustable wrenchNot usedUseful to have but not used much.
Rohloff torx T20 keyNot usedUsed to open gear box to solve problem with Rohloff cable. Essential and is the same as the B&M lamp holder.
Small sewing kitNot usedUsed once or twice.
SuperglueA few small monodoses.Not usedUsed one monodose (but don't remember what for...). Probably not very essential.
Rohloff sprocket toolRohloff have changed their sprocket system in 2016 and this tool won't be necessary anymore once we're on the new system.Ordered it to Portugal to change Miguel's sprocket to a bigger one.Only used by our bike mechanic in Lisbon to change sprockets. Now we will both have the new system and not need the tool anymore.

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