Equipment list – Electronics

ElectronicsCommentsAfter 4'000kmAfter 10'000km
Mobile phones (a smartphone each, plus an old Nokia)Xperia Z1 Compact + Xperia Z3 Compact + Nokia 2110Smartphones cvry useful as GPS along with the OsmAnd app.Nokia 2G does not work in South America. The smartphones were very useful.
2 compact digital camerasCanon HS720 with 40x zoom (Miguel), Sony RX100-III with 1'' sensor (Eva)very happy with the complementary devicesStill very happy with the complementary cameras.
SD cards for camerasCarrying 2 cards per camera.
A mini-tripod Cullmann Magnesit Coptervery useful for straight self-pictures Very useful for straight self-pictures, and very happy with the investment.
Tablet laptop, in a padded sleeveSurface Pro 3 with typecoverNice computer for travelling, as it's light and small. Not easy to use on your knees while sitting in the tent, but we almost never do that.Very nice to have. Sometimes we would like to have a second one to "work" at the same time, but the extra-weight would not be worth it.
E-readerKobo Glo.
Because books are heavy!
Happy with it, a bit slow. May buy a second one at some point.Still happy, one being still enough when the other reads on the mobile phone or tablet.
Chargers and cables for all the above1x charger Surface, 2x USB charger+cable, 1x cable USB GPS, 1x cable USB phone, 1x cable USB solar chargerHappy with this combination of cables, probably could do with less.One charger and cables stolen in January 2017. Bought a new phone charger.
GPS (Garmin Oregon)Stopped using because of battery usage, and it's slow. Used mobile phone instead. Keeping it as a backup.Not used at all. Leaving now at home. Smartphones and OSMAnd fully replace it.
Extra batteries for the GPS and headlampsHeadlamps use quite a lot of battery, always need to carry spares.
Small solar panel + battery
Battery pack
SIStech swiss solarcard 5V plus
Anker PowerCore 13000
Useful for charging when camping (can charge phone and camera)Solar panel not used in South America as there was always electricity available in the camp sites. Stolen in January 2017. Bought a new battery pack with 2 USB ports which is useful when camping. We're not replacing the solar panel for the time being, and will reevaluate the alternatives for a future trip.
Headphonesnot usedNot used and stolen in January 2017
USB keysnot usedUsed rarely to backup photos from SD cards.

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