Equipment list – Clothing

One advantage of recumbent bicycles is that you don’t need any specific bicycle clothing (such as padded shorts). We just use hiking gear which is more universal. We each also have a couple of “off-the-bike” items because we might take brakes from cycling, when we just want to spend time in a city without constantly outing ourselves as touring cyclists. We love merino clothing for everyday use because they don’t smell (or they just take a long time until they get really smelly) and dry fast.

Miguel's clothingCommentsAfter 2000kmAfter 10'000km
Hiking zip-off pantsSalewagreat to use in the evenings and sometimes for cycling when colderDoing great
ShortsDecided for synthetic instead of cottohappy with choice, it dries really fast
Long pants / jeans (off-the-bike)Used only in towns, when not too hot
2 T-shirts (on-the-bike)Icebreaker (merino wool)One is quite old(used intensively before this trip) and will be replaced by a new one. Very happyStill happy, even if they get easily small holes
1 2 T-shirt (off-the-bike)CottonUsed in the evening and as a pillow case.Added a new cotton t-shirt to sleep with while having the other as pillow case.
Long-sleeved shirtIcebreaker (merino)Used rarely but very useful.
Long-sleeved shirt (off-the-bike)CottonUsed mostly over a t-shirt or for covering the skin when there was a very strong sun.Almost not used, maybe should replaceUsed in colder conditions, on and off-the bike, very happy with a merino shirt?
Fleece jacketHaglöfsUsed rarely but useful.Used in colder conditions, on and off-the bike, very happy
5 UnderpantsCottonReplaced one in Argentina.
4 3 pairs of socks2 merino, 2 1 cotton/syntheticnot much difference between merino and cotton.One of the cotton pair got a big hole, but 3 pairs is enough.
Socks (hike/cold)merinoused once, too hot.
Thermal underwear (top and bottom)merinonot usedbottom used in the evening few times. Happy.
Hat (against the cold)not usedUsed when cold in Spain, very useful as it covers well the ears
Sun hat Outdoor Research Runnerwith removable protection for the neck. Stolen in 01.2017, bought the same in a local shop.very useful under very strong sun. Very useful, used almost everyday, even with light rain (with or without neck protection)
Buffmerinoused once as swimming capUsed when cold, to better protect the neck. Quite useful.
Glovesmodel for cross-country skiingnot usedUsed when cold. They are not water proof and after rain and cold, it took long to dry. But happy.
Under-glovesnot usednot used
Swimming trunksprobably forgotten in the camping in St. Sauveur de Rue. Bought new in Agen (FR), 07.2016Useful for rivers and swimming pools
Rain-proof jacket (Gore-Tex)Haglöfs L.I.M.Used also as wind-cutter when the wind is coldVery happy with it
Wind-proof light jacketNot so used, will leave in Portugal
Down jacketRab Microlight AlpineVery nice in cold nightsVery useful both in the evening and as over-pillow.
Rain pantsVaudenot usedVery useful when we manage to put them before we are wet. During some heavy rain in Spain, it started to get wet between the legs.
Rain shoe protectionVaudenot usedVery useful when we manage to put them before we are wet.
Bike shoesShimano SH-MT34Very nice for cycling but not confortable/safe enough for long day hikesStill happy, but maybe there are better ones for walking.
Hiking shoesNice to have for full day walk/hikeHappy.
SandalsRarely used except now in Apúlia. Will leave.
Flip-flopsreplaced in Le Puy (FR) by a lighter model from decathlon. 06.2016
Stolen in 01.2017, replaced by a cheap model
Used for shower and short walks in hot days.Essential for warm evenings, showers, etc.
HelmetAlpina Mythos 2.0 LEUsed only on roads with more traffic. Otherwise the hat is more confortable.
Cloth bag (clean/dirty clothes)One is Exped Packsack M, other are syntecticnice to have clothes in different "compartiments": evening bag to take to the shower, dirty bag, rain bag, cold bag and jackets bagVery happy with this organisation and with Exped bag.
Eva's clothesCommentsAfter 4000 kmAfter 10'000 km
Long zip-off pantsSalewa 5 Continents, bought in 2009 in Russia.Very useful, used mainly as shorts for cycling, and for hiking.Used almost every day for cycling, either as shorts or as pants.
3/4 length pants (yoga pants style)Reebok. I thought they would be good for cycling as they cover the knees.Left in France after 2 weeks. They do not dry fast enough and seem to attract humidity inside the bag.
Second pair of zip-off pantsQuechua. Bought in France to replace the 3/4 yoga pants.Used mainly as a second pair of shorts for cycling, and sometimes for going into town. Dry very fast.Left behind for the last part of the trip, and replaced by a light pair of shorts.
Long pants for off the bikeBlack no-name polyester pants.Light and fast-drying, have happily used them as a more "elegant" version to go into town, restaurants etc.I still think it's a good idea to have a "nicer" set of clothes, even if they don't get used that often.
Silk sarouelInstead of a skirt. It's reversible and can be used in two colors.Used almost every day, especially for evenings when camping. The silk is light, dries fast and doesn't attract odours.It's slowly getting holes all over the place, so I may well leave it behind somewhere.
One merino tank topIcebreakerUsed all the time for cycling. Replaced in Portugal.Unfortunately the second top has already numerous holes in it and the colours have faded a lot. I still like merino clothes though...
Two merino short-sleeved t-shirtsIcebreakerUsed for on and off the bike and for sleeping in.Bought a new one, used for cycling, which covers a bit more skin (therefore less risk of sunburn).
One wool/tencel t-shirtFjällräven High Coast T-ShirtThrown away in Portugal because takes time to dry and gets smelly very fast.
A short-sleeved summer dressLocal Swiss brand (Monika Schneiter)Very happy, used often on the beach and on non-cycling days, sometimes with pants or leggings.Still very happy, it's incredibly good quality.
Casual long-sleeved shirt for sun protectionBought on a market in South-East AsiaThrown away in Portugal as it had gotten very ugly with exposure to sun and suncream.
Merino long-sleeved shirtIcebreakerAdded to my wardrobe in Portugal. I felt I needed a second long-sleeved shirt for on and off the bike.Used a lot for cycling in cooler weather and when needing more sun protection in South America.
Merino hooded jacketIcebreakerUsed very often, but a bit heavy.Useful for cycling in cool weather and for camping.
4 pairs of underpants (cotton)In warm weather 4 is enough but needs frequent handwashing.I increased to 6 pairs because I was tired of washing so often.
3 bras2 icebreaker merino
1 "normal"
Happy with themPerfect, wouldn't need more
3 pairs of socks2 pairs of merino cycling socks (Teko), 1 pair of cotton socksHappy, is enoughGood quantity.
1 pair2 pairs of warm socksMerino hiking socks (Icebreaker)Not used until nowUsed the hiking socks a lot in Chile, for chilly evenings.
I bought a pair of winter cycling socks (Decathlon) in Spain as my feet and ankles were getting cold when cycling in winter.
Long merino underwear, top and bottom, blackIcebreakerUsed more than I would have thought. The long-sleeved top is useful for chilly nights even in the summer. The bottoms I use as leggings with the dress in colder weather.Used all the time, in the evening or even for sleeping (in Patagonia).
Merino winter hatIcebreakerNot usedGot it out for the first time in the Spanish winter.
Sun hatMammut, replaced by a French brand in Spain, replaced by one from The North Face in Argentina.Replaced the original hat by one that fits my head better and that has a protection for the neck. I use it when cycling in the sun.The hat with neck protection looks a bit ridiculous, but is so useful when cycling in the hot sun.
2 Buffs (1 merino, 1 normal)Used the normal buff as sun protection for the neck a few timesUsed mainly in Patagonia and in Spain (winter). One would have been enough.
2 pairs of gloves1 pair of thinner gloves (cross-country skiing gloves), 1 pair of waterproof overglovesNot usedUsed for the first time in the Spanish winter, and very useful then. The waterproof overgloves were very useful in the rain.
Swimming suitUsed a lot!Not used very often in South America, but still essential...
Waterproof Gore-Tex jacketHaglöfsVery good material and nice cut. Not used a lot on this trip.Started to use it a lot in South America, especially Patagonia. It still seems to be waterproof most of the time.
Down jacketHaglöfs Essens III Down JacketNice and cosy, useful on chilly nights or to stuff the pillow.Used a lot. Very comfortable and warm, but light at the same time.
Rain pantsVaudeNot usedUsed mainly in Patagonia and in Spain (winter). Very good rainpants, always kept me completely dry.
Rainproof overshoesVaude Bike GaiterNot usedUsed quite a lot in Patagonia and Spain. They do keep the feet dry most of the time (when put on correctly).
1 pair of trekking shoesSalomonNecessary for longer walks in town and for hikingUseful for off-the-bike moments. Personally I wouldn't want to walk around with cycling shoes all the time.
1 pair of cycling shoes with cleatsSpecializedVery happy with them, comfortable enough for walking a bit in town, but not enough grip even for small hikes.Still very happy with them, they're sturdy and still no sign of needing to be replaced. They're not great in rain though, the water can leak in through the sides even with the gaiters.
1 pair of CrocsI chose Crocs instead of Flipflops because I imagine them more versatile (can be used with socks and more comfortable to walk in)I use them all the time, also for shorter walks in cities. Very useful.I still think this is a good choice for lightweight travel. I can even use them while swimming.
Bike helmetHappy with it althouth not very comfortable with my recumbent bike (because of the headrest).Now that I've left behind the headrest, wearing the helmet is more comfortable and I usually wear it, unless it's very hot and sunny.
Cloth bags for organizing clothes in the panniers, and for collecting dirty clothesVery useful for organizing things inside the panniers. The cotton is heavier than some fancier material, but it can thrown in the washing machine.Still using it, although I might go for lighter material next time.

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