Equipment list – Camping

CampingCommentsAfter 4000kmAfter 10'000km
Tent Hilleberg Nallo 3 GTVery roomy and comfortable tent, we have already tested it in the rain and the cold.Very happy! Fast to put up and take down, light but sturdy.Very happy until stolen in January 2017, after 8'000km. We got a new one (the same model) for the trip back to Switzerland.
Footprint Hillebergseems essentialVery happy until stolen in January 2017, after 8'000km. Got a new one.
Tent Ferrino Paine 2After our Hilleberg was stolen, we got this small tent. (used for 1500km) It is very small for the long term, but has been working without problems in the rain and without any condensation. The original pegs will be replaced by stroger ones. It is a good tent for backpacking and a couple of nights out in the mountain (not in winter as it's not very warm).
Sleeping bag liners (silk)No-name brand, replaced by Rab silk linersvery usefulThe Rab liners miss a zip for opening, which makes it difficult to enter. The silk is already a little bit torn... so not sure about the quality.
Sleeping bags Valandré Bloody MaryNice warm down sleeping bags, can be joinedA bit warm for summer, but very cosy. Used often as blanket. Some smell when we are unable to dry completely from morning condensation.Happy with them, no problems. For future travel we might consider a not-so-warm sleeping bag, although we were very happy to have them in Patagonia and with our replacement tent.
Self-inflatable mats Thermarest ProLite (Miguel)
Thermarest 40th anniversary special editionThermarest Prolite Plus (Eva)
Happy with our choices. Eva is a side-sleeper, so she values the extra thickness (5cm) of the special edition Thermarest.Eva's mat got a bubble in the foot area which kept increasing in size. Thermarest replaced it for free back in Switzerland. Meanwhile we bought a Chilean brand "Doite", which was OK.
Travel pillow (stuffed inside a cotton t-shirt along with a few clothes or down jacket)Exped (Miguel), Thermarest (Eva)happyThe Exped pillow got a bubble and Exped offered to replace it once back in Switzerland. Eva is very happy with her Termarest down pillow (they don't make that model any more).
2 headlampsBlack Diamond Spot (Miguel), Petzl Tikka XL (Eva)very useful when campingThe Black Diamond Spot was stolen in January 2017. It was model 2015 which had the power button not well placed and got turned on while in the backpack, wasting 3 packs of batteries. The new 2016 model has a different format.
Small tent lampBlack Diamond Moji XP Lantern Bought after arriving in Portugal, very useful when days get shorter, nice light and it's dimmable.Useful, but batteries seem to run out quite fast. Stolen in January 2017 and not replaced (yet), as days are going to be longer now.
Toilet paperOften necessary in camp sites and in the wildWe carry a roll of toilet paper, a small piece of soap in a box, and a small bottle of hand disinfectant, together in a plastic bag. This way everything's handy when we need to go behind the bushes quickly.
Two sleeping masksThe kind you get for free on airplanes.not usedTried to use, but not really comfortable. They could be useful though, especially when camping in campgrounds with lots of artificial light.

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