Equipment list – Little bits and pieces

And all those little bits and pieces...CommentAfter 4'000 kmAfter 10'000 km
Notebook, pens and pencilsTrying to write a diary for every day on the road.Miguel's notebook stolen in January 2017. Eva kept writing a diary.
Wallets with cash and cardsCarrying several small wallets with different currencies and cards. Also a "fake wallet" with expired credit card and a bit of cash for big "dangerous" cities.
Passports and ID cards, and photocopiesKept safely in a waterproof pouch.
Insurance cards
Vaccination certificates
GlassesIn case of a problem with contact lenses or for the evening
Sunglasses (Eva: 2 pairs, Miguel: 1 pair)JulboGood quality sunglassesStill using the same pairs.
Blanket (cotton)Like an turkish pestemal. For picnics or the beachUsed a lot as towel, beach towel, picnic blanket.Very useful and easily washable.
Paper road mapsUseful for medium-term planningStill useful but difficult to find good quality for South America. Ended up using mostly Google Maps for long-distance planning and other tools (OsmAnd,, etc. ) for day-to-day planning.
Paper tissuesAlways carrying a few packets.

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