Equipment list

Camping de Morestel

It can be quite a challenge to pack up your life into a few panniers that fit on two bicycles. We have spent hours (probably days) reading packing lists, gear reviews and other related blog posts, to try to choose the “right” things. In the end, everyone has their own view on what to take and what to leave back home, but we did find some gear lists and reviews useful for making up our mind. We found particularly useful to read what people thought about their equipment after a few hundred or thousand km on the road. Making one’s own packing list before leaving is also useful to avoid over-packing and “just taking one more t-shirt”…

We’re not on the road yet, but have already tested some of our material, and we have drafted a packing list. We’re already excited to know how the list will evolve over time! Click the links below to read our packing lists. We will add comments some time into the trip.


Washing and hygiene




Packing, repairs and spare parts


And all the other little bits and pieces…