So, how was it? – Two recumbents in Portugal

We took this picture almost exactly a year ago. We had just come up a seemingly never-ending uphill in baking heat, and were making our first pedal strokes in Portugal. Little did we know at that time that we would cycle well over 2000 kilometres in this country, spread over the whole year. Summer, winter, spring.

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Tips & tricks: How we got in and out of Lisbon by bicycle

Most cycle travellers come across the question at some point: How do I cycle into and/or out of the capital city? How do I plan my route without ending up on the city highway? Where are the back roads?

Many roads lead into Lisbon, there are cycle paths and big roads and highways and back roads, and your choice will depend on where in the city you’re heading. We don’t pretend having all the answers or knowing all the options. But we cycled into Lisbon three times, and out of it twice. Here we share our routes and what it was like. Continue reading “Tips & tricks: How we got in and out of Lisbon by bicycle”

Guest blogging

Writing a travel blog while bicycle touring is a big piece of work. You would think that we don’t have time for anything else. But there are a few things for which we always manage to make time. One of them is reading other peoples’ travel blogs. Reading other peoples’ experiences while cycle touring is inspiring, motivating, interesting, funny, addictive. It can be useful to get information about the road ahead. Sometimes it makes you laugh when you read that others feel exactly like you about certain aspects of life on the road. But most importantly, reading what other people have to say makes you dream and plan other adventures. Continue reading “Guest blogging”

Ready for departure

The weather could be better, but hopefully soon the sun will be back. It is the first day of rain since we arrived to Lisbon. We are leaving  Lisbon direction Geneva via Elvas, Cordoba, Granada and the Pyrenees – see light dashed line on the map. Tips and ideas are welcome. Less than 3’000km to home.

De l’été à l’hiver au printemps

Etape de Madrid (Alcobendas) à Lisbonne (du 12 au 28 février 2017)

Il est dimanche matin, le réveil sonne à 7 heures. Nous n’avons dormi que trois heures. Le jetlag nous a gardé réveillé jusqu’au petit matin. Cela fait seulement deux jours que nous avons été catapultés de l’été patagonien à l’hiver ibérique.

Contrairement au Chili à la même heure, il fait encore nuit à Alcobendas, dans la banlieue de Madrid, où nous avons été hébergés par un membre de Couchsurfing. En plus, il pleut, il fait froid, il y a du brouillard. Mais à 9 heures nous partons tout de même, avec vestes, pantalons, gants et bonnet. Nos sacoches, au moins, sont plus légères. Il faut toujours trouver le côté positif des choses.

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