White gas, white spirit, disán, bencina, what a hell!

Already before our trip, when looking around for which is the best fuel to use with our camping stove, we got quite confused. The reason being that the name used for the same fuel is even more varied than the different electrical plugs and necessary adapters for each country.

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Are we electricity dependent?

Our electrical items using electricity. Missing form the picture our electric toothbrush and Eva’s phone.

In South America the campings have electricity included in the price and plugs are available everywhere. So we use it. While in Europe we would use our solar panel to charge the phone or leave the phone for while in the toilets’ only plug, here we are all the time connected to the grid and use also electricity to boil water for the tea. Different places, different ways to survive. We can live 3 days on the battery of our phones – we use most with OsmAnd for the maps – and live with benzine for cooking. Not yet electricity dependent but getting close. And we are carrying an electric toothbrush!

Maillot de bain et doudoune

Récit de l’étape de Rio Grande (Brésil) à Montevideo (Uruguay), du 4 au 15.11.2016

On vous avait laissé à Rio Grande, après une journée de repos bien ensoleillée. Nous aurions bien pu rester un peu plus longtemps dans notre hôtel d’époque sympathique, mais il s’agit de profiter du beau temps et des vents favorables. Continue reading “Maillot de bain et doudoune”

Diário da América do Sul em bicicleta reclinada – II

02.11 – Bojuru – São José do Norte

Acordamos com o chão seco. Ao pequeno-almoço de cereais no quarto segue-se uma torrada na lancheria em frente. Após a chuva, hoje é o vento contra que nos espera, já sabemos. Avançamos a custo, tentando seguir numa linha direita.

Pedalando contra o vento
Pedalando contra o vento

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