Another Day on the Road in Argentina: Diary of Last Year #7

6th of december 2016

We leave the dorm in the sports complex in Bolívar, where we slept for free because of a singer named Francisco.  But this happened yesterday. You’ll have to wait for another occasion to hear that story.

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So, how was it? – Two recumbents in Argentina

This post is a practical summary of our experience pedalling across Argentina, from Buenos Aires to Junín de los Andes, from the 1st to the 29th of December 2016. The crossing of the Andes and the seven lakes route will be covered in a separate post.

The French readers among you can also check out our more descriptive travel journal posts in French: Route monotone et chaleur humaineUne étape qui donne soif, and Je vois des montagnes!

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Christmas decoration in Argentina

We’ve spent Christmas and New Year Eve of 2016 in Argentina. Compared to Europe there is almost none Christmas decoration present in the streets and in front of the houses. Also, because it is summer and the day runs until late, there are no use of lights for the decorations.

Here are three photos taken in the Neuquén region: