Change of plans

We have been gently rolling this last week, passing the not so flat Alentejo region, entering Spain through Extremadura and slide to Andalusia until one of the main towns: Córdoba.

Our rhythm is relaxed, doing as much as we can of wild camping. From here our next destination was Granada. We knew we need to buy the entrance to the Alhambra while in advance, something we thought of doing today, for next Friday or Saturday. Well, there are no more tickets. Until the end of May!

So we changed our route and are cutting directly to Albacete, via a national park. This has some good part on it: besides decreasing the trip by some 100km, we will climb the equivalent of Serra da Estrela (2’000m) only once every three days, instead of every second day. And this for the next thousand kilometers.

We hope to get the time to write more here before arriving to the Pyrenees, without promise.

Ready for departure

The weather could be better, but hopefully soon the sun will be back. It is the first day of rain since we arrived to Lisbon. We are leaving  Lisbon direction Geneva via Elvas, Cordoba, Granada and the Pyrenees – see light dashed line on the map. Tips and ideas are welcome. Less than 3’000km to home.

White gas, white spirit, disán, bencina, what a hell!

Already before our trip, when looking around for which is the best fuel to use with our camping stove, we got quite confused. The reason being that the name used for the same fuel is even more varied than the different electrical plugs and necessary adapters for each country.

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Breakfast for hungry cyclists

On the road it is not easy to find our super strong mix of cereals, nuts and grapes that we call muesli in Switzerland. Often there are only alternatives with too much sugar and few cereals. So we went down to make our own muesli mix. The simple ingredients were omnipresent both in Europe and South America. A box of oat grains, nuts, almonds, dried grapes and a mix of other seeds, put together in a ziploc bag, are the essential ingredients of our breakfast while cycling.

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