13’000 km, the last milestone

One year, 13’000 km and almost home. We are just next to Annecy lake, it’s June 16th, when we pass the last milestone of our trip. But to end with a nice view we will still climb the Jura mountains. Let’s just go up to a 1’500 m high peak before arrive to Geneva. Less than 160 km to our door.

On arrive

On arrive. On arrive à la fin de notre périple. Un an après, on arrive prés de nos vieux amis, à notre appartement. Si on arrive à la fin de « chaque jour plein de surprises », on ne va pas arriver dans la routine et uniquement travailler. On va toujours arriver à trouver le temps de préparer notre nouveau voyage. Car on n’arrivera jamais à arrêter de rêver.

12’000 km over the border

Sometimes is when we don’t expect that we are mostly away from internet. We did the 12’000 km last 31.May, just on the border between Andorra and France. It was the same day we did the highest pass of our trip, 2’408 m, in Andorra.

We are now cycling through France, following the “gorges du Tarn”. See you soon!

Diary of last week VII

Today is Wednesday. Last night the ground was not even and we didn’t sleep well, despite the silence and darkness of the Dutch camping. Anyway, we got up later than usual and prepared a bacon and eggs breakfast (I must thank our warmshowers hosts in Agen for getting me having pleasure eating eggs!). Was already past eleven when we cycled to the next town to buy food for the day. The next thing was to dip into the camping pool to refresh, bake two breads on our stove and plan the route to Andorra. When the sun start to get weaker we drunk the remaining of our white wine bottle while preparing a salad to eat at sunset. It was the end of our stay in this wonderful camping, and the end of this “last week diary” experiment. Hope you liked it. Life is experimental.

Diary of last week VI

Today is Tuesday. What a perfect night in an hotel room. We follow the suggestion from the lady of this Morella lodging to get a local bread made with olive oil for our picnic. The day starts with a good climb of 400 meters where we divert from the national road to a local mountain road. Great pleasure to be alone on this narrow road, the landscape reminds of Serra da Estrela, above the treeline. We are now in Aragon. The inexistent road on openstreetmaps that we saw in a poster eventually exists and takes us next to a river with little water. A bridge and the transparent water crossing under it creates a pool impossible to resist. We stop the bicycles and slide into the water. Perfect. This road also saves us some kilometres and it’s 16 o’clock when we arrive to the La Fresnesda campsite. It’s a Dutch campsite we were told about ten days ago. Upon check-in, we are offered a beer and we can choose among three pitch places. There is a small pool where we dip before the shower. For dinner, the owners of the campsite prepared some tapas which we eat with white wine on the terrace of the bar. Life is wonderful.