Diary of Last Year #3: The Other Side of the Atlantic

8th of November 2016

We leave only our footprints in the sand.

Grey sky, warm air and high humidity. We’re going to cycle down the Uruguayan coast – Ruta 10, la Oceánica.

November is still low season, beachside villages are quiet, almost deserted. The few permanent inhabitants move around on horseback or on horse-drawn carts. Some are fixing holiday houses for the summer. Hand-painted signs are everywhere. Continue reading “Diary of Last Year #3: The Other Side of the Atlantic”

Diary of Last Year #2: Next Stop: Bojuru

1st of November 2016

South of Brazil. Mostardas, a small friendly town with colorful houses. A long stretch of straight road lies before us. Neverending flat fields, marshes, pastures. Cows, horses, birds.

The weather forecast announces rain for this afternoon and tonight. Heavy rain even, and heavy winds. The next town is over 150 km away – São José do Norte. Between here and there, right in the middle, a small village on the map.

Bojuru. Continue reading “Diary of Last Year #2: Next Stop: Bojuru”

Diary of Last Year #1: We’re going to South America – but wait, not right away

25th of October 2016

This is the big day. Today, we’re flying to South America – Brazil, to be precise. Our bicycles: packed in bubble wrap and lots of tape. Our panniers: packed in big plastic bags from the Chinese shop downstairs. Us: nervous.

But wait, what happened? This is not Brazil. How did we end up in front of a mosque? Continue reading “Diary of Last Year #1: We’re going to South America – but wait, not right away”

Introducing a new post series: Diary of Last Year

On the 24th of October 2016, we went to say goodbye to the waves on the Portuguese Atlantic coast in Azenhas do Mar.

We were already 4 months into our year off, had cycled from Switzerland to Portugal, cycled around a good deal in Portugal, spent time with our families. Summer was slowly, but surely turning its back on us. The birds were flying South. And so did we.

On this very day exactly one year ago, we were feverishly preparing our trip to South America. Getting our stuff together after about a month of a more sedentary life, wrapping up our bikes. This mixture of excitement and slight worry, before travelling to countries yet unknown to us.

One year later, we are looking back on the South American part of our trip.

Every week, we will go back into our diaries and remember some of what we did exactly one year ago.

And here’s what this means for you: Every week until February, we will share one day on the road on this blog: a picture, an anecdote, an encounter, a memory.

So, stick around – the first post is coming very soon.

Touring on a recumbent bicycle: Everything you need to know

Why would you ride such a weird bike instead of a normal one?

And what would you need to know before buying a touring recumbent for your next trip? If you’ve already had the chance of talking to a recumbent rider, you may have noticed that most of them say that they love their recumbent and wouldn’t ride anything else.

So, what is it about recumbents that make people so passionate about them?

Continue reading “Touring on a recumbent bicycle: Everything you need to know”