Guest blogging

Writing a travel blog while bicycle touring is a big piece of work. You would think that we don’t have time for anything else. But there are a few things for which we always manage to make time. One of them is reading other peoples’ travel blogs. Reading other peoples’ experiences while cycle touring is inspiring, motivating, interesting, funny, addictive. It can be useful to get information about the road ahead. Sometimes it makes you laugh when you read that others feel exactly like you about certain aspects of life on the road. But most importantly, reading what other people have to say makes you dream and plan other adventures. Continue reading “Guest blogging”

So, how was it? – Two recumbents in Argentina

This post is a practical summary of our experience pedalling across Argentina, from Buenos Aires to Junín de los Andes, from the 1st to the 29th of December 2016. The crossing of the Andes and the seven lakes route will be covered in a separate post.

The French readers among you can also check out our more descriptive travel journal posts in French: Route monotone et chaleur humaineUne étape qui donne soif, and Je vois des montagnes!

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10’000km review: Azub Six vs HPV Streetmachine

We bought our recumbents in the spring of 2015. Miguel bought an Azub Six, Eva went for a Streetmachine Gte from HP Velotechnik. We chose these two different brands after trying and comparing different models in two different shops (one in Switzerland, one in France – for such expensive bikes it’s worth taking a few daytrips to different shops to be able to test-ride several models). One year later, we left on our trip which would take us from Switzerland to Portugal, and then across South America. After cycling over 10’000 kilometres, we reckoned that it would be a good time to review our bikes in detail and compare the two brands. We tried to include information that might be interesting for people thinking about buying a recumbent for travelling, as this was the kind of information we were trying to find at the time. Continue reading “10’000km review: Azub Six vs HPV Streetmachine”