Gnocchi Day in Buenos Aires: Diary of Last Year #6

Colourful house in Retiro neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

29th of November 2016

Rest day in Buenos Aires. A bit of tourism, a bit of shopping, a bit of culture. A welcome change from cycling.

But the road is calling again. We need to find a train to get us out of this big city…

Before going  home to our warmshowers hosts, we buy gnocchi. The 29th of every month is Dia de Ñoquis in Argentina.

According to this link, the tradition is linked to the massive Italian immigration into Argentina over a century ago. It’s thought to be based on the legend of Saint Pantaleon, but also linked to poverty – it’s a cheap meal that can be made with what is left at the end of the month (potatoes and flour).

Here’s another link with a few recipe ideas – in case you don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight. Maybe you have some leftover potatoes in the fridge?



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