Breakfast for hungry cyclists

On the road it is not easy to find our super strong mix of cereals, nuts and grapes that we call muesli in Switzerland. Often there are only alternatives with too much sugar and few cereals. So we went down to make our own muesli mix. The simple ingredients were omnipresent both in Europe and South America. A box of oat grains, nuts, almonds, dried grapes and a mix of other seeds, put together in a ziploc bag, are the essential ingredients of our breakfast while cycling.

We prepare our breakfast the night before by grating an apple in one tupperware container, adding our pre-made-mix and topping it all with milk and/or water. At other times we replace the apple with banana (added only before eating). There are two advantages of preparing the meal the night before: 1) the liquid is absorbed by the cereals making them more digestible; 2) the next morning the meal is ready, you can leave faster.

Until now we are very happy with this muesli breakfast which is slowly absorbed and maintains our tummy filled for several hours.

Sometimes, as a change, we eat large amounts of bread with butter and honey or jam. It also gives us energy for several hours of cycling. However, you cannot take the advantage of preparing the night before and be faster to leave in the morning.

About three hours after our breakfast we usually do a first food stop with bread and honey or with some coffee and cake, the idea is to give a new boost of energy while resting our legs. Its what we call “the second-breakfast”.

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