Replacement part details for Azub and HP Velotechnik

This post serves to keep some technical information about our recumbent bicycles that we could not find on the manufacturers’ websites nor in the bikes’ manuals.

  1. We asked both Azub and HP Velotechnik which chain they use. We got a satisfying reply from HPV: they use KMC Z8 RB. Azub seems to have a similar chain.
  2. We’ve counted the number of links on our recumbent chains (although this is different depending on the person’s height):
    • Azub Six: 268 links (134 full links) + quick link
    • HP Velotechnik Street Machine: 258 links (129 full links) + quick link.
    • So, when replacing the two chains, we had to order 5 KMC Z8 RB chains.
  3. The Rohloff cable length on Azub is about 200 cm, so the replacement needs to be the tandem size
  4. The longest brake cable on Azub is 180 cm, so standard cable set works
  5. The lenght of the replacement spokes we took are (but never needed):
    1. Azub Six
      1. Front wheel 20′ with SON dynamo: 178 mm
      2. Rear wheel 26′ with Rohloff: 231 mm
    2. HP Velotechnik StreetMachine
      1. Front wheel 20′ with SRAM D7 dynamo: 170 mm
      2. Rear wheen 26′ with Rohloff: 236 mm

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