3’018 km

3018 km

Eva! Et je pointe le compteur de mon vélo. “De nouveau cassé?”,  demande. Mais non… On a oublié de faire la photo pour les 3’000km du voyage. Donc voilà mon visage quand je remarque les 3’018km dans l’odomètre.

The bizarre case of Dutch speaking campings

Notice in one of the Dutch speaking campings
Notice in one of the Dutch speaking campings

Last two nights we stayed in a Dutch speaking camping. It was the third time in this trip. There is no information on the road, no one knows about them. Most of the information inside the camping is written only in Dutch. They are quiet, very clean and most of the clients speak… Dutch.

This last camping, Quinta da Cerca, near Tábua and Mindões, is Flemish. The owners speak Portuguese with a strong accent, the toilets are super clean, the bar by the pool has excellent music and the food is full of local grown vegetables. Ah, and I’m the only Portuguese customer.

I’m looking to find a full list of these campings without TV, noise and lights at night.

[Update 25.08.2016] Here the list of the Dutch speaking campings where we have stayed with short comment: Continue reading “The bizarre case of Dutch speaking campings”

First material order after restart

Rohloff gear box on our bicycle
Rohloff gear box on our bicycle

After 2’200km we did a first review of our material and some small pieces (Miguel’ sandals was the biggest item) were given to my parents. At the same time we decided to order some things:

  • Rohloff 18-teeth sprocket for Miguel’s bicycle: To try making very steep (>10%) hills less painful (or just possible) to cycle.
  • Rohloff sprocket tool as we are afraid mechanics in Portugal (and elsewhere) will not have this specific tool.
  • Rohloff oil set: our gear box requires oil change every 5’000km or one-year. Eva had already her set and did change the oil. Now is the turn of Miguel’s bicycle.
  • Icebreaker new t-shirts for her and for him. We both have an old one almost transparent and we love the brand.
  • Sigma bike computer holder to make a new spare. Our original broke, and the ‘spare’ is now in use.
  • Tent lamp Blackdiamond Moji because the shorter days arrive we prefer to have a lamp for tent/table instead of using all the time our headlamps.

We ordered on a German website and make them delivered to Miguel parents in Lisbon where we expect to arrive at some point in August.